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Over the past 20 years, our work has been quoted, featured, presented, and showcased at some of the world's most reputable publications and industry conferences.  Although we can't share confidential client research due to proprietary agreements, see a curated collection of our public work and expertise over the years. 

Authority Magazine/Thrive Global (Charles Katz): Connie Chesner: How We Plan To Rebuild In The Post COVID Economy; June 29, 2020

Janelle Nanos: Boston Globe "Cleaning Isn't Just Cleaning Anymore, Its Major Consumer Confidence Play." May 25, 2020;

Marketing Magic Podcast with Mallory Schlabach; May 19, 2020

Conversations on the Rocks with Kristen Daukas; "How to Spot a REAL Expert and Not the Fool."  May 12, 2020

BOGO Card/Cupcake, Coffee, Connections Webinar; "America on Pause:  Trends You Need to Know Now to Survive and Thrive in a Pandemic-Impacted Economy."  May 1, 2020

Kimberly Nunez MasterClass: Global Learning at Home; "Emerging Trends in Global Psychology and Sociology with Connie Chesner:  The Impact of the Pandemic on Markets"  April 24, 2020;

"Inspiring Adoration from your Clients" Greenbook; January 2013

"The Collaboration Conundrum: Struggles, Success and Strategies for Academic and Applied
Market Researchers" MRA Alert Magazine; August 2012

“Supercharging Qualitative Insights Into Marketing Messages” QRCA International Conference; 10/2011

“The Creative Side of Market Research” PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) Tarheel Chapter; 1/2011

"Predictions for the Year Ahead:  Loyalty Perspectives."  Loyalty Management Magazine; V2N1; Winter 2010

“Because Customers Don’t Always DO what they SAY” PDMA Carolinas (Product Development Management Association) 6/2010

“Because Customers Don’t Always DO what they SAY” PDMA Carolinas (Product Development Management Association) 6/2010

 "Part 3:  Tips to Keep the Overjustification Effect from Diminishing Love for Your Brand."  Loyalty 360:  Loyalty Today; July 20, 2009 

 "The Power of Twitter," Kiosk Marketplace, July 2nd 2009 

“Inside-out Loyalty: Understanding the Psyche of Today's Loyal Consumer”; Loyalty 360: Loyalty Expo (International Trade Conference); Keynote presentation; May 2009

“Could Rewarding Customer Loyalty Diminish Trust for Your Brand?”
“The Overjustification Effect in Context—Qualitative Evidence of How Rewarding Loyalty Could Diminish Love for Your Brand” Loyalty 360; Special Reports; 2009

"Dialing in on Relevance."  Loyalty Management Magazine January 2009;

“Dialing in On Relevance: Think & Talk Like Your Audience”; Loyalty 360—The Loyalty Marketers Association, Featured article; premier issue; Loyalty Management; January 2009

"Internet Rumors and the Endless Fight," Michael Smerconish//All Business//The Times Union 
June 21st 2008 

"Webology: Rupp Enters Social Media."  Business Lexington. March 22nd 2008 

"Social Media's Trivial Energy and Live Events."  Buzz Maven,  March 12th 2008 

"Email Can Harm Reputations and Bottom Lines."  San Antonio Business; February 12th 2008 

"Head Strong: How can Obama fight Web-driven lies? With similar torrents of truth"  Michael Smerconish; The Philadelphia Inquirer; June 16, 2008.

"Bungie Deal:  A Study of Microsoft and Rumors," The Seattle-Post Intelligencer; October 15th 2007 

"Giant Spiders and Other Hoaxes Are Hard to Kill On the Web."  Investor's Business Daily//; August 2nd 2005. 

"Charley Spins Tall Tales:  Hurricane Charley," St. Petersburg Times; Robert Farley, September 5th 2004 

Triad Internet Life/Connections Magazine 
Staff writer:  July 2002-2004 

Monthly columnist for a regional publication targeting mainstream populations interested in all topics related to the Internet.  Articles focused on human communication patterns and trends with relation to Internet-based communication. 

"An Examination of the Relationship Between Verbal Aggressiveness, Conflict Management Strategies, and Conflict Interaction Goals." Randall Rogan & Betty LaFrance; Communication Quarterly; Fall 2003;

"September 11th Anniversary," Newswise//Wake Forest University; September 5th 2003 

"What businesses should learn from Kobe case"  August 14, 2003; Rick Amme; Triad Business Journal.

" Urban Legend Blog," David Emery; July 31st 2003 

"A Net Increase in Skepticism,"; David Emery, July 18th 2003 

"Net Rumors Cost Business Millions."  Winnipeg Free Press. July 13, 2003 

"Web Rumors are Pricey Problems:  Damage can Cost Companies Millions," Cox News Service, Greg Bluestein; June 22, 2003 

"WFU expert cautions new internet myths may be more harmful"  June 6, 2003; Sarah Mansell;

"Crisis Management:  Internet Rumors and Dealing with Them," Rick Amme, Amme & Associates 

"Voices and Viewpoints: Urban Legends on the Internet." Denise Franklin; NPR Afflilate WFFD 88.5FM--Winston-Salem, NC; October 11, 2002; 6pm; October 12, 2002; 12pm 

"Top of the Week:  Professional Topics:  Protecting Your Organization Against Rumors" PR Network (Opt-in Mailing to over 10,000 PR professionals); September 7, 2002 

"Listen:  Companies Go Bananas Over Rumors." Kim Underwood; Winston-Salem Journal; August 4, 2002 

"Squelch Internet Rumors Before They Get Out of Hand," Rick Amme, Triad Business News:  Business Toolbox, July 19, 2002 

"Corporate Responses to On-Line Information" James W. Herbert, Forum Moderator; Classic Whaler Forum; October 6-21, 2001 

"Hollywood Brouille Le Web," Emmanuelle Richard, Telerama; October 17, 2001 


"Attacking Online Rumors."  The Triad Business Journal; August 3rd 2001 

"Urban Legends Can Threaten Corporate Reputations," Richard Craver, Business Editor; High Point Enterprise; July 29, 2001 

"Rumors on the Internet Feature," ABC 45 TV--WXLV--Greensboro, NC; July 25, 2001 (6pm broadcast) 

"Getting a grip on gossip: WFU research warns ignoring internet rumors can cost companies"; July 24, 2001; Sarah Smith

"Internet Myth Story," Chris Runge, FOX 8 TV--WGHP--Highpoint, NC; July 23, 2001 (6 & 10pm broadcasts) 

"It's Lies! All Lies!  Those Legendary Business Stories Could Be Just That" Entrepreneur Magazine, July 2001, Geoff Williams 

"Computer-mediated Communication and Face-to-Face Instruction:  An Integrative Perspective for a Changing Society Using a Case Study Approach." Teaching with Technology:  75 Professors from 8 Universities Tell Their Stories.  Editor:  David G. Brown; Anker Publishing. June 2000

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