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The Right Approach Makes All the Difference

Each question or challenge helps to shape the best method of discovery.      We consider:

  • what is being asked

  • the types of knowledge that already exist about a market or client

  • the goals/intended outcomes of the research, and 

  • budgetary/time considerations. 

No matter what the question/challenge, just a few of the tools we have at our disposal to craft the ideal research approach include:

Qualitative Tools

   Focus on engaging market members deeply, often in the environments in which they already work, live, or travel.  ​These tools provide rich insights that are usually themed into lists of core psychological and motivational drivers of the market. 

  • Ethnographic Immersion

  • Shop-Alongs/Observational Shadowing

  • In-Depth Interviews

  • ​Focus Groups​

​Quantitative Tools

   Approaches which allow us to engage large statistically valid samples of target populations and get answers to questions for which a core set of variables is known.

  • Experimental Design

  • Questionnaires/Surveys

Qualiquant Tools

   A blended research approach offering the depth of qualitative insights with the breadth of quantitative coverage.  Usually portions of the research will focus on qualitative data, while others will focus on quantitative.

  • Sandwiching

  • Staged Intent

  • Secondary Reviews

Which approach is best for your organization or project?

That depends on your goals, what data you already have, and other factors.  We make the determination based on what will give the best insights to move decisions forward.

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