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​Everything we do is centered on getting to the motivations that drive human behavior.

      To get there, we employ a variety of methodologies, each carefully selected to align with the specific needs of your project.  While every project is unique, we do have a series of tools and beliefs which will give you some insight into how we approach new challenges.

Academic Depth with Business Grounding


   One of the aspects that drives us is an innate curiosity about how humans interact and make decisions.  Our backgrounds are in psychology and communication and the lessons these fields serve as a foundation upon which we build our approach.

   We know that years of research have proven certain truths about how humans communicate, socialize, and make decisions.

​Consider, for example, how we breakdown the way in which relationships and expectations are formed:

  • We form identities based upon our experiences and interpretations of those experiences*

  • Each new experience adds to our bank of knowledge about what others expect from us*

  • We come to associate objects, words, and brands with meanings in our memory banks, forming a triad of connections regarding perceptions**

  • In addition to our need to fit in socially, we also have a need to maintain a unique sense of self*

  • Our sense of self and need to fit in socially constantly work to find balance*

   ​Our research focuses on revealing what people's communicative expectations are, how they communicate, and what they expect from an interaction.  

​   The key to advancing knowledge and communication lies in understanding what is going on in the volley of communication between you and your employees or customers.  Our interviews focus on your category, business, or key issue under examination, allowing you to take our insights and weave them into your communication and planning for maximum impact and resonance.

The short and sweet of it is: ​if you want to know more about what customers or employees are thinking, our research ​can get you targeted and actionable answers.

+ Pearce, W. B. and Cronen, V. E., Communication, Action, and Meaning: The Creation of Social Realities, Praeger, New York, 1980.

**Ogden, C.K. and Richards, I.A., The Meaning of Meaning, Harcourt, Brace, and World, New York, 1946.
* Mead, G.H., Mind, Self, and Society, University of Chicago, Chicago, 1934.

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