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Campaign Specific Questions

Many times a specific challenge or question is the focus of our research.  We specialize in revealing targeted answers to tough questions, such as:  why are people in a certain market buying?  how are they making decisions?  and what would be the most appealing communication strategy? A few examples highlight our experience developing clear research which speaks to immediately actionable results.

Financial Institution Maturing Product

8-week qualiquant; Southeast

Key Questions:

  • how to maintain principle amounts in other products/services offered by the institution?

  • what matters most to consumers regarding making decisions about this set of finances?


  • targeted communication recommendations which aligned market motivations with communication content

  • exceptional principle retention, along with additional deposits by key stakeholders

  • integration of findings into internal call-center training and execution for seamless consumer perception

National Provider of Category-Specific Retirement Planning

3-week qualitative; National

Key Questions:

  • how does the market envision their retirement and how do they plan to get there?

  • what motivates the market to spend or save their limited expendable income?


  • recommendations which transformed communication direction and targeting, creating strong resonance and response, increasing enrollment and contributions

  • year-over-year gains for three years of campaign distribution and tracking

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