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Communication in B2B relationships is distinctly different than communication with end consumers.  Distributors and professional service providers face unique challenges when working to build efficiencies into their understanding and alignment with the needs of retailers.  Here are a few examples of how we have helped B2B providers strengthen their relationships, communication, and alignment with their target markets through focused research.

Nutritional & Supplemental Distributor

6-week qualiquant; National

Key Questions:

  • what do small retailers in exercise and natural food markets desire from a distributor?

  • how do retailers get information, make judgments about new products, and decide between providers?


  • understanding of psychological motivators of two categories of buyers, how they make decisions, what matters to them most
    product distribution and information recommendations which better align with market desires and needs

Parent-Teacher Organization/Association Officers

2-week qualitative; National

Key Questions:

  • how do PTAs and PTOs organize their funding and make major allocation decisions?

  • what are the tendencies and preferences of how parents organize and make decisions about extra-curricular facilities and supplies for their children and teachers?


  • understanding regarding budget size, planning tendencies, election processes, and procedural preferences of parent-teacher groups used to make decisions regarding how to design programs and offers which will best appeal to existing cultural rules and preferences

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