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Although many questions require a primary research approach, we always start our research projects with a secondary review of existing projects and data to ensure that our insights build, rather than reinvent, findings.  Yet there are some projects which come along for which a secondary review and report are all that is necessary to give answers to the questions which are being asked.  In these situations we perform extensive database reviews of all available category and related reports and produce reports that supply conclusions, advice, and direction.

New Market Expansion Evaluation/Specialty Market/High Net-worth Market

3-week secondary qualitative; Southeast

Key Questions:

  • what motivates financial decisions and preferences in up-and-coming highly-mobile markets?

  • how do key segments define community, home, value, and savings?


  • concise and actionable report showing market alignment with institution goals and objectives, allowing for strategic decisions regarding market expansion and budgetary allocation for new campaigns and products

National Personal Products CPG Provider:  New Product Launch

8-week secondary qualiquant; National

Key Questions:

  • how do consumers make decisions about product purchase in a personal products category in which product failure results in social stigma?

  • what is the process of psychological resistance and adoption surrounding a product set that is rarely discussed, but commonly used by certain populations?


  • deep psychological profiles of the core market for a new product launch allowed for strategic campaign concept development and presentation, lending voice-of-the-consumer insights to strategy and direction

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