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Program/Training Effectiveness

Making sure your programs strongly resonate with the needs of employees and customers helps to ensure keen participation and education.  Learning programs are especially important to evaluate when they involve training employees on how to interact appropriately with end consumers.  Below are just a few examples of projects in which we have focused on program or training effectiveness.

National Front-line Training & Education Program

2-year longitudinal qualiquant; National

Key Questions:

  • what is the knowledge retention and subsequent enactment rate of behaviors reviewed and learned during either a classroom or online training experience?

  • how does the market segment into learning style preferences and does the current curriculum align with market needs for effective learning?


  • staged, nationwide longitudinal assessment allowing for multi-level understanding and analysis of how training participants gain knowledge, what they retain, and how they change behaviors after returning to the job

  • academic-level rigor and structure, providing evidence and credibility to a long-standing program

Loyalty Industry Perceptions & Motivations

8-week qualitative; National

Key Questions:

  • in a market saturated with programs and approaches, what aspects are most resonating with consumers?

  • what frustrates and delights consumers about points and reward programs?


  • nationwide gauge regarding consumer perceptions and preferences presented at a national loyalty conference

  • consumers often fail to understand the details of programs in which they are enrolled, how changes to the program effect their rewards, and how programs are differentiated from one another

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