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This area is a grab-bag of highlights because so many of the questions we receive surround creating a better understanding of how consumers across categories think and feel.  From in-home use of products and perceptions of in-store displays on the retail side to tough questions regarding behaviors that adversely effect longterm health and how to gain consumer/patient attention and retention, our approach peels back the layers of understanding to speak to the heart of what is driving markets.

Personal Care Product Use, Preference, Perception

2-week qualiquant; Southeast

Key Questions:

  • how are decisions made regarding personal care products that deal with hygiene and image?

  • what product features instill loyalty and which frustrate consumers?


  • in-home, in-store, and consumer perceptions and brand recognition/recall surrounding product selection, loyalty, and preferences

  • pictures, quotes, and contextual evidence providing a full-experience consumer perspective about the product set

Retail Grocery Brand Perception & Loyalty

16-week qualiquant; Southeast

Key Questions:

  • what instills loyalty and brand preference in markets for a high-end and specialty products provider?

  • of two store designs, what aspects are most appealing to consumers over time?


  • observational and in-depth interview understanding of store design preferences, navigation challenges, branding perceptions, and product desires 

Chronic Disease Training Program 

12-week qualitative; Piedmont NC

Key Questions:

  • how do you increase enrollment in a training program designed to educate newly diagnosed patients of a chronic disease?

  • what motivates patients and drives their behaviors to follow recommended regiments designed to control the symptoms and impact of their disease?


  • understanding of the communication timing and pattern which is essential to creating message awareness and resonance in newly diagnosed patients

  • insights and action steps surrounding patient psychology and resistance to change, including key triggers to instigate desired behaviors and habit formation

Women's Routine & Specialty Healthcare Provider

8-week qualitative; Piedmont NC

Key Questions:

  • what do women most desire from a healthcare experience?  a spa-like environment?  friendly staff?  special procedures or tools?

  • how do existing systems and rules effect staff ability to perform efficiently and with satisfaction?


  • a 360-degree understanding of how facility policy, structure, and experience effect both patient and worker satisfaction and preferences

  • strategic recommendations regarding facility redesign and enhancement of experience for workers and patients of all levels 

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