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Brand Perceptions

Beyond the image you intend to convey via your branding plan are the two audiences which determine your success:  the public and your employees.  Understanding the perceptions of audiences is vital to brand and communication success.  One person can see things one way and another can perceive the same thing differently.  Understanding the perceptions of customers and employees helps you align your communication more clearly.  

Here we have a few examples of work we've conducted that focuses on both how brands are perceived and what factors impact employee satisfaction.  

Regional Healthcare System: Market Perspectives

6-week quantitative; Piedmont NC

Key Questions:

  •  in a highly competitive market with several top-tier healthcare institutions, how do market members perceive a local brand, evaluate its competitive value, and make a decision to elect for treatment at that institution over others?

  • how do members of the market interpret brand positioning; does their perception align with the intended message?


  •  targeted insights delivered in writing and in person to senior  staff and administrators, allowing for brand realignment and understanding

  • core themes of perceptions regarding competitive positioning of the brand in relation to competitors, including aspects of the brand which most resonate with key market segments

Specialty Massage Therapy Provider: Market Position Study

6-week quali-quant; Piedmont NC

Key Questions:

  • in a flooded, corporate-dominated market, how and why do consumers perceive and choose a specialty trained provider?

  • how does the market find, refer to, and speak of the current and aspirational branding?


  • online quali-quant assessment of current customers through objective feedback and inquiry

  • insights report developed that allowed brand to grow exponentially as the insights were applied, helping to lead to the most profitable year ever for the business

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