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The Pandemic Changed All Markets

We Help You Win Through Expert Insights

The pandemic changed everything about your markets and teams.
And our expertise accurately predicted today's widespread shifts all the way back in April 2020.

  Imagine what that kind of insight and foresight can do for your teams.  


Don't believe us? 
If you're saying to yourself, "Prove it..." "Show Me..."
CLICK HERE for a case in point, presented as a part of a short 5 minute thought exercise.


We specialize in uncovering answers to the hard questions and helping you discover the questions you should be asking.

Uncovering the motivations and communication needs of your customers and teams, allowing you to better align your marketing, customer service, and other understanding and materials to:

  • ​increase ROI

  • improve loyalty

  • enhance message resonance

  • build better relationships

  • ​amplify satisfaction


Why the name? 

Most market research is left-brain dominant, filled with linear logic and statistics.  While we have that in spades, what makes Right Brain Discovery unique is our conscious and regular engagement of our right-brain tendencies too.  


The right side of our brains control creative thinking & that's what we specialize in--innovative research design, execution, & analysis that gets to the heart of:

  • why customers and employees act the way they do

  • what motivates their behaviors

  • what they need to see your messages through the clutter

We take that proprietary approach and use it through Armored Research to Armor the insights; using what we uncover to shield your decisions, understanding, and strategy.

We get started by looking closely, magnifying our focus, and as we piece together clues, we solve the mystery of what makes your markets and teams tick, allowing you to:

  • design communication and programs that not only deeply resonate, but get results

  • understand why behavior patterns have emerged so you can react

  • address the true needs and desires of employees and customers

  • base your planning and execution on solid understandings

  • make informed strategic decisions

  • hone internal communication for maximum clarity and understanding


Want to see how attention and perception can shift and skew what you see and believe about the world around you?


Having a business coach or advisor is not enough

Having a business coach or advisor is not enough

You need expert insights and analysis based in expert market research.

You need to understand what is:

  • driving decisions of your employees and markets

  • motivating behaviors (from loyalty to teamwork and beyond)

  • really going on inside their minds


We do that by uniquely layering your existing knowledge with fresh objective insights gleaned through an expert designed approach.

And we are not afraid to tell you...We are really good at what we do.

How do we see trends BEFORE they are trends and reveal motivations and decision desires?

We start with what you already know about your teams and markets.

Then layer an objective review of industries and sectors from internal, external, and other sources.

We always have our finger on the pulse of emerging trends.

Here, we take that and zero in our expertise to your teams, markets, and industry.

We lead with curiosity, a keen ability to synthesize information, and an eye towards where additional insights would fill in vital gaps and allow smarter decisions.

And we design expert-led approaches to fill those gaps, developing true custom solutions not templated answers.

And we design expert led approaches to fill those gaps, developing true custom solutions not templated answers.


The truth is, data-driven algorithms can only take    you so far.  Getting to the psychology of teams and markets demands qualitative research insights.

The word qualitative is based in the root word quality.  It is a shift in focus from quantity driven base.  One which respects the data, but seeks to enhance it through a lens that focuses on enhancing what you already know through:

  • asking the right iterative questions

  • of the right mix of people

  • by those experts who are objective and skilled

  • who can uniquely listen, analyze, theme and synthesize

And then providing that unique guidance and insights to you.

Simply put:
We're not the cheap answer.  We're the right answer.

Simply put:
We're not the cheap answer.  We're the right answer.

Get started with a conversation about your top concerns regarding your team and market.

Get started with a conversation about your top concerns regarding your team and market.


Founded in 2009, during a powerful economic crisis that rocked businesses of all sizes from main street to wall street, we saw a clear need for qualified insights in a world over-saturated with questionable data.  We are endlessly curious, flexible, dynamic thinkers and our industry-shaking approaches offer superior insights into the hard questions.


Advancement thru Innovation

Constant Learning

Proven Integrity

Dynamic Business Impact

Perpetual Transparency

Balanced Perspective


  • Qualitative Deep Dives

  • Quantitative Insights

  • Quali-Quant Hybrid Projects

  • ​Objective Project Consulting

  • Business/Team Strategy Advisement

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